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Health care without the headache.


Meet Dr. Lisa Corum

Family Medicine is my calling, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Family Physician. My journey as a physician has been an adventure of a lifetime with my Family Medicine Residency in Anderson, South Carolina and a variety of practice experiences in my 27 years as a doctor. I believe that Health care is most successful when we focus on a patient’s health with a Family physician who sincerely cares. Achieving optimal success for each unique person involves a collaborative effort between patient and physician. I am truly honored to be a Family Physician and I am proud to introduce Authentic Family Medicine to the Low Country. Explore a healthcare experience that combines the best medical traditions with modern technology and training. 

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

At Authentic Family Medicine we serve families in the low country of South Carolina providing direct primary care at an affordable rate. Patient medical charges will always be transparent. Care will focus on individual patient health goals with our staff and physician listening to patient concerns while lending advice and experience.

Our Mission


Authentic Family Medicine uses the traditional medical practices of listening to patients’ concerns and examination of the patient with modern testing and technology. With improved access to your physician using innovative modalities and timely appointments to address symptoms, confusion and obstacles are minimized. A family friendly atmosphere in our office welcomes all patients who value personalized care.


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