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Everyone needs
a family doctor.

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Our mission is to provide primary care at an affordable price all while focusing on individual patient health goals. 


What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a popular model of care that puts the relationship between the doctor and the patient first while minimizing cost and restrictions that often burden traditional practices that take insurance.  In this model, fees are paid directly to your doctor on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and there are no hidden fees or complex invoices.

Dermatologist at Work

Optimal health for the patient; remarkable care from your physician

Authentic Family Medicine focuses on compassionate care where patients and families are genuinely valued. Being a Family Physician is a calling for Dr. Lisa Corum.  Providing an exceptional family medical home where the patient experiences a collaborative partnership for your family is our goal.

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Traditional Medical Practice – Modern Technology & Training

Authentic Family Medicine uses the traditional medical practices of listening to patients’ concerns and examination of the patient with modern testing and technology. With improved access to your physician using innovative modalities and timely appointments to address symptoms, confusion and obstacles are minimized. A family-friendly atmosphere in our office welcomes all patients who value personalized care.


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